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Unclog pores, hydrate, nourish, brighten complexion, protect from environmental damage, & promote radiant skin

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“ This Turmeric Acne correcting kit saved my skin”!

all skin types

Renew skin , boost confidence

Rough texture & uneven tone?

Try "Superstar Glow Beauty Boost serum bundle that has all the essentials for a plump, hydrated, smooth healthy complexion

+ Natural Self Care

Step into the realm of beauty through our exquisite online store.

In a market full of beauty brands, each with its unique skincare approach, we stand out by providing products that promote natural beauty perfection. Our expanding product line caters to different skin types worldwide, with a focus on using natural and organic ingredients.

+ How to get clear skin in 7 days

Turmeric face & body soap bar

Kickstart your seven day journey to clear skin using Turmeric products & serums. The first step is to cleanse your skin thoroughly using our gentle gel cleanser to remove any dirt, oil and impurities from your skin.

Following skin cleansing, use a concentrated serum such as Lashelle Silks 24kt gold serum to penetrate deeply and deliver active ingredients.

In addition to using Turmeric products which are natural effective ingredients, with serums, it is crucial to maintain a healthy skincare routine to support your skins natural healing process.

Turmeric 3 step

With consistent use, 96% of our customers has seen significant improvement within the first 2 weeks

Brighten your complexion

Our best selling favorite; Turmeric clay mask is lightweight and significantly effective to lighten & smooth your skin

Severe Acne & damaged Skin

Our 7 pc Turmeric Skincare product line Reduces acne flare ups, soothes skin, shrinks pores, lightens acne scars and repairs damaged skin

Exfoliating scrub

Get rid of dead skin cells stopping your skin from rejuvenating to a brighter, smoother, renewed complexion

Use Natural Skincare

Turmeric Skin Care

Non Invasive products that clear skin naturally

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Experience our fresh turmeric skincare collection, engineered to unveil a radiant, luminous complexion. Turmeric, a time-honored ingredient in skincare traditions, provides strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to soothe and protect the skin.
Utilizing our turmeric skincare line regularly will result in a noticeable enhancement in the appearance & Texture of your skin.

Natural ingredients

No harsh chemicals

Significant Quality

positive effects


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The best acne clearing products! Ive been using the tumeric set for 45 days! I also use the serums to boost my results. I loveeee these products!!


I love these Serums! They have made such a smooth and Bright texture to my skin. Thanks so much.

Latasha Marci

"The dipped in gold is my favorite for a flawless look with foundation. The blue copper attacks and shrinks my pimples fast!"

Marie Canaan

I have used the 24 Kt gold faithfully for 3 Months, I love my result, my sin is so smooth, brighter and glowing


the tumeric kit really does work and it leaves no reaction

manaey s

signed up for the news letter & randomly received this in the mail ! i love your customer service !

shantel burk

had razor irritation , but since ibeen using the tumeric it help alot.

macayne perry

i deal with cystic acne and this has drastically improved my skins texture and has cleared my existing breakouts. i love this stuff so natural!


The Turmeric soap bar is the bomb! I use it on my inner thighs and underarms. when say, I feel 3 shades lighter lol!

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Proven Effective From Beauties world wide

Rapid results without damaging your skin

With 3 days consistent use , 97% of users notice less breakouts with brighter, smooth skin
Creates Clean & clear Complexion

How to Brighten & clear skin fast

Our Best Selling #1 product for clear & smooth skin. Instant results of a clear brighter complexion . Clears acne, scars, evens tone , gently cleanses & delivers simultaneously
Clearer skin in just 10 minutes

Turmeric clarifying mask

98.5% of users , notice instant texture & slight hyperpigmentation improvement within the first use
Acne Treatment

Natural Turmeric solution

3 Step Turmeric Acne Correcting kit clears Acne breakouts + Brightens Skin+ & Improves overall skin Texture
Powerful ingredient

Natural benefits for natural results

Enjoy , all the benefits of a Natural Powerful Ingredient that delivers unique & rapid results

hyperpigmentation + Acne

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